MiniGameTM Workshop


During this 3-hour workshop, we will introduce you to 

  The Great Game of Business - Optometry and teach you

how to play MiniGamesTM to motivate your team...

while driving revenue to the practice!


Designed for large groups, these workshops are great for regional meetings.


the Objective

Improve Business Results and the Lives of

the People Who Drive those Results…          

the Strategy

  …by Creating a “Business of Business People”

who “Think, Act and Feel like Owners”


the Take Away

  Learn to develop MiniGames™ in your practice that:

                                              ·         Keep your employees focused on a common goal

                                              ·         Encourage employees to work together instead of against each other

                                              ·         Create line-of sight between individual contribution and The Big Picture

                                              ·         Target day-to-day improvements that add up to year-end success

                                              ·         Reinforce business and financial literacy training

                                              ·         Develop a winning attitude

                                              ·         Get results and create wins in profitability and cash flow



Our presenters, Danny Clarke, O.D., and his office manager, Joely Anderson, will introduce you to The Great Game of Business Workshop designed specifically for optometry and teach you how to play MiniGamesTMto motivate your team, while driving revenue to the practice.You’ll learn about their workshop and how it gives you the operating systems and processes that you’ll need to run, manage, and grow your business. At the same time, you’ll engage your staff and tap into the intellectual capital you have within your practice.


"The Great Game really made me aware of how much it costs just to open our doors everyday.  It really unified our team to work toward the same goal...PROFIT!  I don’t just come in to do my “tasks” and leave, I am always thinking of how we can do things better."   

Tandy pic

- Tandy, Patient Relations


"The Great Game keeps employees informed on where the business stands.  It helps us set goals on where we need to be and also eliminates the need for the business owners to micro-manage the staff. In return, it makes for a happy, less stressful work environment."

Brina pic

Brina, Optician


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