the Objective

Improve Business Results and the Lives of

the People Who Drive those Results…


the Strategy

   …by Creating a “Business of Business People” who

“Think, Act and Feel like Owners”


This 1-day workshop is designed specifically for the optometric practice and teaches ODs how to implement The Great Game of Business into their own practices. Dr. Danny Clarke, along with his manager, Joely Anderson, will share the tools that have made them successful in not only implementing, but maintaining the benefits of The Great Game in their optometric practice for the past 4 years. Dr. Clarke and his team have worked to identify the potential roadblocks which could keep someone from successfully implementing The Great Game in their own practice and have created tools to enhance the success of implementation so the wheel does not have to be re-invented.


 Impact of the Great Game

"The Great Game of Business has made a remarkable impact on the financial health of our practice. In the past 4 years since implementing the Great Game we have seen a net profit increase of 60%. Our cash flow has improved dramatically…we have gone from being tight on cash to having a cash surplus. We are working smarter (and less!) instead of harder and are making more money. The Great Game of Business has completely changed the culture of our practice. Our employees now think, act and feel like owners.”

Danny Clarke, OD - Clarke EyeCare Center


Implementation of the Great Game can:

 Improve the culture of your environment

 Improve/maximize profitability

 Improve/maximize cash flow

 Develop a team with an owner mentality

 Improve individual team members' decision-making skills

 Dispel perceptions & help bridge the gap between owner & staff thinking


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